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Aspire Stockton Secondary Academy


Grades: 6-12
Sponsoring District: Stockton
CDS/Charter Numbers: CDS: # 39-68676-0139865 Charter: #2064

Vision: We, as a community, believe that scholars who are strong and centered in their culture can and will use their strengths to navigate and eradicate the systemic barriers they face as they journey to and through college.

Mission: ASSA’s mission is to work together as a community to teach and support the students and families of our community. We will offer a high-quality educational experience for our scholars in order to:

  • Increase student achievement for all students 
  • Monitor progress to ensure all students are performing at grade level or beyond
  • Build a strong school environment where families are partners in the work of educating children
  • Give each scholar what they need to succeed educationally and personally

As a scholar, I will fully engage and positively interact with the people who support me while on my journey to and through college. I will know, understand and appreciate my community as they work with me to:

  • Be strong and centered
  • Be academically and socially conscious
  • Be excellent in ALL my endeavors

Student mantra: 

I understand who I am, I understand where I am from, I understand where I want to go and I understand what it takes to get there. 

ASSA Values

  • E – Empathy
  • A – Achievement
  • G – Gratitude 
  • L – Leadership
  • E – Excellence
  • S – Strength

School Address & Contact Information


1540 Arriba Road,
Stockton, CA 95206

Contact Info

(209) 470-7362