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Aspire Public Schools is supporting scholars and families during these unprecedented times through robust distance learning opportunities, meal distribution, device distribution, and more. Click below to access regional and Aspire-wide resources.
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College For Certain

Our community of students, teachers, leaders, staff, and families are focused on ensuring every child’s aspirations – including college – are within reach.

Our Purpose

In 1998, we set out to open and operate small, high-quality charter schools in low-income neighborhoods in order to increase the academic performance of underserved students, develop effective educators, share successful practices with other forward-thinking educators, and catalyze change in public schools nationwide. Nearly twenty years later, our focus remains the same. Our schools are free, public schools serving grades TK-12 with a clear focus on College For Certain, even for our youngest scholars. Aspire currently operates 36 schools across three California regions (Los Angeles, the Bay Area, and the Central Valley).

Aspire By The Numbers

Students Enrolled
Post-Secondary Matriculation Rate
# College Courses Passed Prior to HS Graduation (Class of '17)

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We live in a society that provides some groups more or fewer opportunities based solely on factors they do not control. Read Aspire’s beliefs.

Equity @ Aspire


Student achievement is a critical measure of success for our schools. Learn more about Aspire students' academic progress.

Aspire Quality


Alder GSE for teacher training and certification. Schoolzilla for data analytics and insights. See how innovation is in our DNA.

Aspire Innovation