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Aspire Public Schools Foundation
To fulfill our mission and prepare our students for college, career, and a fulfilling future, we need your help. Gifts of any size make a difference. You can impact the lives of thousands of children by making a donation today.

As a not-for-profit 501c(3) organization, contributions to Aspire Public Schools Foundation are tax-deductible. Donations can be made directly to Aspire classrooms or to the Aspire Public Schools Foundation as an organization.

If you would like to donate to Aspire’s general impact fund, please click here.

Other Ways to Donate:

Regular Mail Donations:
Prefer to send a check? Please mail your contribution to us at:

Aspire Public Schools Foundation
1001 22nd Avenue, Ste 100
Oakland, CA 94606

Stock Transfers & Gift Processing:
To donate or transfer stock to Aspire Public Schools Foundation, or for questions on processing a gift, please contact Mari Bennett.

Donate via a Donor-Advised Fund:
If you would like to donate directly from your donor-advised fund, please click here.

Aspire’s Financial Model


Aspire's Financial Model - IconsCharter Schools are public schools, and we receive both state and federal funding primarily on a per-pupil basis in order to operate.

As charter schools, we do not have access to the same facilities or facilities funding as do traditional public schools. Therefore, we have to pay for our facility costs out of our general operating funds.

100% of fully-enrolled Aspire schools are “financially sustainable” on the public dollar, meaning they require no philanthropic supplement to their public funding in order to operate.

Aspire operates both a Home Office in Oakland and Regional Offices in order to provide critical, scalable supports to all 36 schools simultaneously–across instructional program design, college initiatives, teammate effectiveness, technology, human resources, facilities, operations, finance, fundraising, and more. 13% of Aspire’s public funding is allocated to Home and Regional Office operations.

Our success would not be possible without the generous financial donations of individuals and foundations.


One of the keys to creating change in public schools is the support of generous donors. Aspire Public Schools Foundation would like to thank all who donate their time, energy, services and financial support in 2020-2021 to make College for Certain a reality for our scholars, including:

Variable Content

INVESTORS: $500,000+

Ballmer Group
Patty Quillin and Reed Hastings
Tipping Point Community

PRINCIPALS: $100,000-$499,999

Annenberg Institute for School Reform at Brown University
Anupam and Kavita Mishra
Beth and Michael Hunkapiller
Charter School Growth Fund
Cox-Vadakan Foundation
The Green Foundation
Kenneth Rainin Foundation
Kent and Lilah Kendall
Leslie and George Hume
Peery Foundation
Richard and Theresa Crocker
San Joaquin A+
Silicon Schools Fund
Steven Merrill and Katie Budge

DIRECTORS: $50,000 – $99,999

Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Philanthropies
Great Public Schools Now
HEDCO Foundation
Joseph Drown Foundation
Rogers Family Foundation
Warren Felson and Lucy Sun
William Zimmerman Family Foundation

ACHIEVERS: $10,000 – $49,999

Charles and Karen Couric
Elise and Sayed Darwish
Irene S. Scully Family Foundation
Jim and Bonnie Quigley
Jonathan and Kimberly Garfinkel
Joyce and Robert Wisner
Kay Hong and Jamie MacQuarrie
Ken and Kathy Hao
Kendra and Erik Ragatz
Lene and Steve Joy
Oakland Public Education Fund
Richmond Rapid Relief Fund
Tarim Wasim
Warriors Community Foundation
Wend Collective

SUPPORTERS: $500-$9,999

Adriana Vermut
Alex and Lilah Wolf
Alexandra Stein
Alicia Seiger
Allyson Stein
Andrew Dodson
Anthony Barkett
Antony Ling
Arthur and Louise Muhlfeld Patterson
Ben Archibald and Steph Albert
Beth and Brian Grossman
Brian and Molly Auld
Burnham Benefits Insurance Services
California Water Service
Carol Ornelas
Carolyn Adair
Casey Chong
Chian Gong and Adrian Graham
Cliff Hawkins
Crickette Brown Glad and Bob Hartwell
David Kennedy
Deeksha Bhat
Deepa Pathak
Desiree Hererra
Donald Wiley
Eileen Boyle
EJ Blumberg
Elizabeth Norheim
Gordon Tribble
Heather and Paul Haaga
Heidi Eaton
Hiten and Sangita Patel
Holly Maddox
Jan Kralovec and Clem Balanoff
Jessica Stewart
Ji Hye Chae
John Maddox
Josh and Laurie Olshansky
K2A Architecture + Interiors
Kathleen and Richard Hoertkorn
Kathryn and Jon Goulding
Kevin and Allison Leslie
Liat Bishko
Louise Bryson
Mala Batra
Mark Smith
Marsh & McLennan Insurance Agency LLC
Meryl McCurry
Molly Wood and Dagny Maidman
New York Life
Nikola Filby
Nisa Frank
Paritosh and Nisha Somani
Parul and Ahutosh Somani
Phyllis and Fritz Grupe
Dr. Rachael Jin Bee Tan and Ely Silverstein
Randee Seiger
Randy Clark
Raquel Kislinger
Sean and Alisha Griffey
Shalini Agarwal
Sharon Ziegler
Stifel, Nicolaus, and Company
Theresa Washington
Ultimate Software Group, Inc.
Vanita Puri
William Draper
Zackery Field

A Special Thank You to The Chamberlin Family Foundation for Contributing to Aspire in Other Significant Ways

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