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Alder Teacher Residency at Aspire Public Schools



  • Earning your Master’s Degree and Teaching Credential in one year.
  • Apprenticing four days a week with one of the best teachers in your residency school.
  • Learning within a cohort of peers with whom you will work (and laugh) all year, paving the way to becoming lifelong friends and colleagues.
  • Building a relationship with one of the best instructional leaders in K–12 education, who will advise and support you through one-on-one observation and dialogue.
  • Engaging in critical conversations about diversity, equity, and inclusion with your mentor, instructors, and peers.
  • Receiving priority consideration for a full-time position upon completing the program.
  • Doing all of this at a cost that is affordable and includes financial support.


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Teacher Residency Program Overview

  • The teacher residency program started in 2010 at Aspire Public Schools, and is now offered through a partnership between Aspire Public Schools and Alder Graduate School of Education.
  • Residents receive a Master’s Degree and Teaching Credential in either California or Tennessee.

Locations & Available Credentials

Residents apprentice at one of our schools in California or Memphis. Visit Aspire’s Locations to learn more about our schools. Available credentials include:

  • Multiple Subject (K-8)
  • Single Subject (6-12): English, Math, Science or Social Studies
  • Special Education Mild/Moderate (in California only)

Financial Overview:

  • Residents receive a $16,500 stipend
  • Tuition for University of the Pacific in CA is $18,000 ($47,600 original tuition discounted to $24,000 with an additional $6,000 Class of 2018-19 Alder Teacher Grant) and residents can receive up to $18,000 in federal financial aid
  • Tuition for Relay Graduate School of Education in Memphis is $3,250 in Memphis and residents can receive up to $3,250 in federal financial aid
  • Additional financial information for California and Memphis Residents

For more information, contact or visit our website:

To apply & learn about the admissions process, visit the Alder website

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