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Family Engagement

Our Vision

At Aspire, we believe families are our most important partners in preparing and empowering scholars to build a fulfilling and liberated future for themselves and their communities. Our families bring diverse experiences that strengthen each of our school communities.

Aspire student with family at graduationOur Core Values

Across all of our schools’ families can expect:

  • Bienestar (Well-being)
  • Culture of Belonging
  • Community Partnership
  • Agency + Self-Determination
  • Joy

Our standards for authentic and purposeful family engagement in our schools

  • Strong Family and Community Ties: Families are encouraged and invited to build strong relationships with teachers, school staff, and other parent communities. Schools create welcoming environments and help to deepen relationships across diverse groups of students, staff members, and families.
  • Meaningful Communication: Families and schools engage in meaningful two-way communication practices centered on their students’ wellbeing and academic success. Schools provide clear structures and expectations that support mutual communication with families.
  • Authentic Voice & Leadership: Families work together with schools to authentically help inform policy and decision making. Schools invite families to participate in activities as equal partners to help shape school vision, student culture and strengthen student learning.
  • Empowered Student Success: Families are acknowledged as their student’s first teachers to support their student’s growth. Schools work with families to inform, encourage and support learning at home and in school.
  • Equity-Centered Dialogue: Families help identify, discuss, and address equity issues impacting students, schools, and their surrounding community. Schools provide families with opportunities that help students receive what he/she needs to succeed.

Parents are welcome and encouraged to volunteer at our school, however, parental involvement is not a requirement for acceptance to, or continued enrollment at, the charter school.