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Instructional Approach

Through a rigorous, standards-based, and culturally-responsive Aspire-wide academic program, we support all students in developing Student counting on her fingers as she does a math problem on the table in front of herthe skills and mindset they need to succeed in college and in creating opportunities for themselves, their families, and our communities.

Since 1998, we have built a culture around College for Certain. Beginning in kindergarten, students are inspired to attend college. Classrooms are named after universities, and students know which year they will one day graduate from college. Teachers and principals proudly share their college experiences, challenges, and accomplishments. Our schools are intentionally kept small in order to create a strong community where each student is known personally, and they provide roughly 10-15% more learning time for students than traditional public schools settings.

In 2017, Aspire embarked upon a new organization-wide strategic plan called AspireForward, aimed at ensuring that Aspire students are truly prepared for success in college and in career. One major component of the AspireForward plan is the move to align on an Aspire-wide, Common Core instructional approach across all 40 schools in order to facilitate stronger teacher training, more opportunities for collaboration, more consistency of the student experience, and ultimately, stronger academic outcomes across the organization.