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COVID-19 Scholar and Family Resources

We are prepared and excited to welcome students back to campus this 22-23 school year for full-time, in-person instruction! 

Throughout the pandemic, we have promised to be guided by the latest data and guidance, grounded in health and safety, and remain responsive to the needs and voices of our school communities and will continue to do so. Please review the available resources and information shown and contact your school for further support if needed.

Independent Study Hub 

In-person learning is the best approach for student successstudy after study backs this up. State data and guidance, family support, and our experiences serving scholars in-person as we witness their renewed Bienestar (Well-being) – continue to affirm this decision. 

As we have done from the beginning, we will continue following the guidelines established by the CDC and the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) to keep our school communities safe. Within our schools, there is greater joy and community, high-quality academic and social-emotional experiences and development for scholars, and a safe learning environment that follows the latest public health guidance. 

While it is our strong preference that all scholars return for in-person learning, we recognize that some of our families may need alternative options. For those families, we recommend reaching out to your school’s office to learn more about Independent Study programming in your region.

The Independent Study Hub will serve as a home base for an array of resources for scholars and families that will help guide this brand-new learning experience. If you have not yet had a one-on-one conversation with your school about your intent to have your child continue learning through IS, please reach out immediately to your school’s office.

Regional Resources Pages

Each of the regional pages, located within the left sidebar, catalogs community resources to help navigate current circumstances in and out of the classroom. We will update region-specific information as frequently as needed in order to provide the details our families need.

Please visit the FAQs page to find answers to health and safety-related questions as our schools continue to best support our Aspire communities. Please refer to your region or school’s ParentSquare for the latest information and updates related to your scholar’s school!

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