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At Aspire, we are committed to the quality of our instructional programs and school settings overall. We consider the greatest indicators of the quality of our instructional programs to be student proficiency levels in Math and ELA, student performance on internal interim assessments, student growth over time, student accomplishments under our “college-ready metrics” requirements, high school graduation rates, and college graduation rates within six years. We also greatly value family feedback on our schools and teammates, teammate satisfaction and effectiveness ratings, and more school-specific insights. Aspire alumni are graduating from 4-year colleges within six years at a rate three times that of the national average for their peers from similar backgrounds.

In order to ensure students are truly college-ready, we use the following criteria, and all six must be achieved:

  1. ACT score in English = 22 or above
  2. ACT score in Math = 23 or above
  3. SBAC score in ELA = 3 or above
  4. SBAC score in Math = 3 or above
  5. Pass any college course or pass any AP exam
  6. Participation in an SEL (Social Emotional Learning) program

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