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Welcome to the Aspire Public Schools Advocacy page, where passion meets purpose in education reform. Aspire Public Schools is dedicated to transforming communities through innovative, high-quality education. We advocate for policies and initiatives that uplift students, families, and educators alike. Join us as we champion equitable access to education and strive to create brighter futures for all. See our current initiatives below!

Charter Renewal Support

Support Aspire Lionel Wilson Prep Academy 
Your voice can shape the future of education for over 3,900 scholars and families in the Bay Area. Aspire Lionel Wilson Prep Academy is renewing its charter, and we need your support to ensure that school choice remains a reality for our current and future students.

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Advocate for State-wide Change

Count Me In: Fair Funding. Supported Students.
Explore California’s educational funding landscape in “Count Me In: Fair Funding. Supported Students.” With over 3.3 million students affected, the video highlights the impact of funding disparities, exacerbated by absenteeism. Join the movement for change and advocate for equitable education for every student.

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Get Out the Vote

Exercising Voice & Choice
Year-round, we advocate for our families, and our families are encouraged to utilize their voices to advocate for their communities. One way to do that is through elections. California’s school boards hold tremendous power in determining where our schools are located, the resources they receive, and the policies that govern our districts. If you are not registered to vote or you know someone eligible to vote, you can do so here.

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Our Communities

Our communities of Stockton, Modesto, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Huntington Park, South Gate, Richmond, Oakland, and East Palo Alto are an integral part of our success.

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