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With the PowerSchool parent portal, you can review your student(s) grades, and attendance, view specific assignments, view Aspire specific and state test scores, and complete your school’s first-day packets and emergency cards. Please note: information is updated by each school and teacher, please reach out to them directly regarding data accuracy.

PowerSchool Parent Portal FAQs


This FAQs sheet answers frequently asked questions about the portal and is a good starting place to familiarize yourself with how to access the portal, ensure all your students are appearing on your account, and what kinds of information you can access on your students via your account. Las preguntas frecuentes también incluyen español.

Parent Portal Account Info Letter 

Parent Portal Account Info

This letter provides information on your PowerSchool Parent Portal account including how to access your account for the first time and how to reset your password. La guía de cómo acceder en su cuenta del Portal de Padres de PowerSchool en español.

PowerSchool Mobile App Flyer

Access the mobile app

This flyer shows you how to download and access the PowerSchool Mobile app on your phone or tablet. Este folleto de cómo descargar la aplicación móvil está en español.

How to Complete a Form in PowerSchool

Complete a form guide

This guide shows you how to complete forms via your PowerSchool Parent account – forms such as First Day Packets and the Student Family Handbook can be completed digitally for each of your students through the portal. La guía que le muestra cómo completar formularios a través de su cuenta para padres de PowerSchool también está en español.

PowerSchool Document Delivery Guide for Parents

Document Delivery Guide

Each site can send you documents such as progress reports, report cards, truancy letters, etc. directly to your email address.  This guide shows you how to access documents sent to your email including the password and directions for signing digitally if necessary. Esta guía de entrega de documentos para padres también está en español.