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Aspire Teacher Induction

Program Overview

The Aspire Teacher Induction Program is designed to offer support for beginning teachers who have finished a credentialing program and who currently hold a preliminary Multiple Subjects Credential or Preliminary Single Subject Credential which authorizes Induction. Induction is the main pathway to a Clear Credential for California-trained teachers.

The Aspire Teacher Induction Program provides a two-year program to support new teachers. This program consists of a reflective assessment and support process intended to help teachers in their initial years as professional educators. Induction is designed to recognize the individual strengths and professional development needs of participating teachers, thus building upon the knowledge, skills, and abilities that each participating teacher brings to the classroom. The Aspire program supports the demonstration and application of the California Standards for the Teaching Profession through its various components: collegial mentoring from an assigned support provider, ongoing staff development, curricular materials and training, and administrative assistance.

Variable Content

Induction Program Goals

  • To develop reflective teachers who, at the end of every day, week, month, semester, and year, are in the habit of asking themselves, “What worked? What didn’t work? What can I do about that?”
  • To offer a program that meets the individual needs of candidates through mentor relationships and inquiry cycles that are aligned with their personal and professional growth goals.
  • To support teachers as they work toward improving their efficacy in the classroom by supporting them in learning and growing along the California Standards for the Teaching Profession, the Common Core State Standards, and the California Induction Standards.
  • To support the development and support of all new teachers.


  • The Aspire Teacher Induction Program is offered to all Aspire qualified teachers, see program enrollment and participation eligibility  HERE.
  • The Aspire Teacher Induction Program is FREE of cost to all qualified Aspire teachers.
  • All candidates are matched and meet with a knowledgeable mentor who will meet with them for at least one hour a week to support their professional goals.

For more information contact Ruth Negash, Director of New Teacher Development at ruth.negash@aspirepublicschools.org.