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Aspire Public Schools 2018 Shining Stars

Aspire Celebrates 10 Seniors as 2018 Shining Stars

On Tuesday, over 100 family members, friends, supporters, donors, principals, teachers, siblings, and Board members gathered to celebrate Aspire’s third-annual Shining Stars award ceremony honoring the outstanding senior from each graduating class across Aspire’s high schools that are fully-grown through 12th grade.

This year, ten incredible seniors walked the stage to receive their Shining Stars award and a $3,000 scholarship to support the expensive transition to college. The cost of books, technology, new clothing, dorm room supplies, and more adds up fast. We know that $3,000 can make all the difference in whether a student persists in college.

Aspire’s 2018 Shining Stars have all sorts of aspirations – from a career in molecular biology to midwifery to being the CFO of Aspire! Learn more about their stories and their goals here.

Thanks to the incredible support of the Aspire Bay Area Regional Advisory Board, Shining Stars event sponsors, and attendees, we raised over $18,000 towards ensuring that not just our 10 Shining Stars but indeed all 16,600 of our scholars are on the path to College for Certain.