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Aspire Cal Prep Teacher recognized as ‘Most Valuable Teacher’ by Generation Thrive, Golden State Warriors

April 15, 2022

Aspire Cal Prep educator Vitalis Obidi was recently honored as a ‘Most Valuable Teacher,’ a recognition program from the  Golden State Warriors and Generation Thrive that celebrates teachers for their tireless commitment to students and families.

Generation Thrive and the Golden State Warriors, in partnership with Clorox, launched “Most Valuable Teachers”, a recognition program that celebrates teachers for their unwavering commitment to students and families.

We are thrilled Vitalis Obidi, from Aspire Richmond California College Preparatory Academy (Aspire Cal Prep), was recently recognized as a ‘Most Valuable Teacher.’ Vitalis is a former Aspire Teacher Residency alumnus and current mentor who not only supports and coaches his current teacher resident, but continues to go above and beyond for Cal Prep scholars. He is regarded as a phenomenal and effective 7th-grade math teacher, who holds a popular Kendama club for scholars, uses his prep time to provide additional math support for scholars, and coaches the school basketball team!

Photo of current Aspire teacher when back in teacher residency with Alder GSE
A snapshot of Vitalis Obidi in class when he was a part of the Alder GSE Teacher Residency program.

Lena Anthony, a Director of Aspire’s Teacher Residency Program (ATR), shares that Vitalis has been a joy to work with this year, adding that he maintains a positive mindset, motivates and encourages his residents (as well as others in the Richmond community), and takes feedback to enhance his leadership coaching. “He is always willing to support ATR outreach and participate in panels led by Alder Graduate School of Education [which runs ATR]. It has been an honor to have him as part of the ATR mentor cohort this year.”

Obidi joined four teachers from other Bay Area schools for an in-game recognition to thank teachers who exceed expectations in ensuring students have the skills and resources to thrive. Congratulations again to one of our all-star educators, Vitalis Obidi!