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Empowering Minds. Transforming Futures.

Since 1999, our purpose has always been to prepare our 15,200+ TK–12 scholars for success in college, career, and life. Our greater Aspire community of scholars, teachers, leaders, staff, and families is focused on ensuring every child’s aspirations are within reach.

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Our Vision

Aspire scholars are prepared and empowered to build a fulfilling and liberated future for themselves and their communities. 

Our Mission

Provide a rigorous, joyful academic experience that cultivates our scholars’ skills, talents, and gifts, such that they may pursue and persist in college or any post-secondary pathway that is authentic to their identities;

Promote inclusivity and disrupt systems that have historically oppressed marginalized communities, including Black, Latino/a/x, Indigenous, and People of Color; and

Nurture our scholars’ pride in their abilities, identities, and communities.

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We live in a society that provides some groups more or fewer opportunities based solely on factors they do not control. Read Aspire’s beliefs.

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Student achievement is a critical measure of success for our schools. Learn more about Aspire students' academic progress.

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Alder GSE for teacher training and certification. Schoolzilla for data analytics and insights. See how innovation is in our DNA.

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