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Mercedes Macumber

Assistant Principal


Dear Benjamin Holt Academy Families,

My name is Mercedes Maria Lopez-Macumber and I am honored to work for Aspire Benjamin Holt Academy as the Assistant Principal and blessed to have been with the Aspire organization for almost 14 years now. I have served the Aspire community in the Central Valley as an Assistant Principal, Principal Interim, Dean of Instruction, Central Valley Instructional Coach, Educator, a graduate-level instructor with UOP, and Director of Intervention. All of these roles lie in my devotion to the field of education and making a difference. I know that I can inspire, motivate, and drive prospective teachers, students, staff, and families to become productive members of their communities while being consistent in supporting our Aspire mission and vision. I believe that every student at Benjamin Holt Academy deserves the opportunity, supports, and skills required to be successful in their personal post-secondary plan.

My journey into education was decided for me in 3rd grade when one of my teachers told me during the student-led conference week that my father was not welcome at my conference because she didn’t understand him. My father is from Mexico and has a thick accent that I consider beautiful but that my teacher considered a barrier. I decided at that moment that I would ensure all my students and families I serve would always have a voice in school. This belief is still very important to me and especially at my current site where I am working to ensure families that have English as a second language feel heard and seen on our campus.

I am the first person in my family on my father’s side to attend college. My university education in intercultural communication and multicultural perspectives at UC Davis, Sac State, St. Mary’s College, and Columbia University affords me an advantage in helping expand educational experiences beyond a traditional approach.

When I am not working I enjoy spending time with my family that includes my 3-year-old son and my husband who is a firefighter. I also love working out and spend most of my fitness time inspiring others in the Aspire community to join me for daily boot camps.

Mercedes Maria Lopez-Macumber