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Jennifer Green

Interim Superintendent, Aspire Bay Area Region


Starting in 2005, Jen has been an integral part of the Aspire family. From July 2005-June 2012 she served as a founding K1 lead teacher, model classroom teacher and mentor teacher at Aspire Berkley Maynard Academy. She then was a resident principal at Aspire ERES before becoming the interim Principal at Aspire College Academy. After serving as an integral part of Aspire’s TCRP design and implementation, Jen then became Principal at Aspire Monarch Academy starting in October of 2013. At Monarch, Jen was recognized as leader of one of the top 51 schools serving Latinx students in the Bay Area by Innovate Public Schools. She led the school during a time when school was named as a “growth superstar” by Educate 78 for showing growth in both ELA and Math and moved Monarch from a Similar Schools Measure of 1 to 8 over 6 years.

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