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Anthony Solina

Executive Director, Central Valley


Tony is the Executive Director for Aspire Central Valley. An educator at heart, Tony has taught students from preschool to college. Before earning his teaching credential he taught Montessori preschool where he learned to value constructivist learning. He has taught master’s level coursework on equity, data-driven culture, educational theory, and site action planning for the University of the Pacific, Aspire University, and the Teachers College of San Joaquin.

Tony returned to his hometown of Stockton, CA to join Aspire Public Schools in 2002 as a first year teacher. He moved to open Aspire Langston Hughes Academy as the lead teacher in 2005 where he would return as principal in 2008 after opening Aspire Port City Academy as a new principal, in one of the first Statewide Benefit Charters. Both schools were awarded the California Distinguished Skills honor and grew in enrollment from 120 to over 1,100 students in  a combined new facility in 2012. Most recently, Tony was Associate Superintendent or Secondary and Aspire-wide projects for Aspire Central Valley before being named Area Superintendent in summer 2018.

Tony earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Sacramento State and an M.Ed. and teaching credential  from the University of San Diego. Additionally, Tony completed a three year Stanford principal fellowship. He is currently working on his Ed.D. in Education Administration from the University of the Pacific exploring resilience among African American Males and admission to highly selective universities (expected completion June 2017).