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 Distance Learning Hub

Welcome to the Aspire Public Schools Distance Learning Hub, where you will find all of the resources and information you need about Aspire’s academic plan during school closures. We miss our scholars and have been working tirelessly to create a robust academic program that will meet scholars’ needs while maintaining physical distancing. This program will allow scholars to engage in standards-based learning and maintain community within a flexible structure. Your child’s teacher(s) will share daily learning materials (either online or on paper) and will maintain regular communication through either direct check-in calls or regular office hours.

We are proud of the resilience of our Aspire scholars, families, and staff during these unprecedented times. We wish everyone in our Aspire community health, safety, and peace.

Google Classroom Clever Login Khan Academy

Distance Learning Guidelines and Suggestions

  • Use the resources within these pages to optimize the Distance Learning experience.
  • Lessons are designed to be done at each family’s convenience and will not be a minute-to-minute replacement of the school day.
  • Develop a schedule and set aside blocks of time that work for your family. Note: These blocks do not need to fall within traditional school hours.
  • Create a space for your student to be successful by removing as many distractions as possible. Note: For younger learners, this could mean removing toys from the area. For older learners, this could mean putting cell phones away or turning television off.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom

Most Aspire teachers will post academic resources and daily activities for students in Google Classroom. Please follow the instructions linked below with your child to help them log in and access the resources from their teacher. Reach out to your child’s teacher if you are unsure whether or not Google Classroom is being used.

Google Classroom How-To Guides

Clever Login

Clever Login

Many Aspire classes use learning applications that are accessed through Clever. If your child uses applications through Clever in school, they can use the same applications at home. If you or your child do not know their username and password, you can ask their teacher for that information.

Clever How-To Guides

Khan Academy

Khan Academy

Many teachers may use Khan Academy as a way to introduce new concepts and assign practice, particularly in math. Check your child’s teacher’s daily deck or lesson plan on Google Classroom to see when to log in!

Khan Academy How-To Guides

Zoom Information

Your teacher may send out information on office hours or one-on-one check-ins through Zoom. You can access these just by clicking the link your teacher posts or sends you.

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