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Carmen Robinson

Elementary Teacher



My name is Carmen Robinson and I am pleased to welcome you to the Aspire family as we build our branch of the Aspire community together!

I started with Aspire Public Schools seven years ago, as an Aspire Teacher Resident, at Port City Academy. Upon completion of my residency, I earned my teaching credential and M.Ed from the University of the Pacific. As a First Grade Lead educator at Aspire Port City Academy, I supported and collaborated with my peers around best practices, data-driven instruction, and curriculum development. In an effort to contribute to the growth of future educators, I actively mentor teacher residents for Alder University, as well as, serving as a Program Supervisor for the University of the Pacific. I am passionate about project-based learning and family engagement in education. I believe one of the main goals of higher education is to help students figure out who they are and how they can be of service to their community. Great teachers help students understand the social responsibilities of their field and the social impact of their choices.  

I was born and raised in Oakland, CA. Family and community are very important to me! I love being a mother and spending quality time with my loved ones. I have an amazing daughter, named Sasha, who is a third-grade Aspire scholar. The birth of my daughter Sasha made me look at the world with a new perspective. I realized my responsibility in making a positive contribution to society. It inspired my career change from Corporate America and led me to pursue teaching as a profession. I decided to promote higher education for today’s youth as a profession in order to improve the quality of society for future generations; my daughter’s generation. As a teacher, I would have the opportunity to impact the future by sparking the mind that will change the world.

I look forward to igniting that spark with you at my side!

Thank you,