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Students lined up outside school building, waiting to go inside

Kicking Off the 17-18 School Year!

We are kicking off our 18th year of school at Aspire Public Schools! Throughout the summer, teachers have been training, principals have been preparing, and staff in the regional and home offices have been gearing up to support the campuses in their work to ensure College For Certain. We have been counting down the days for students to return!

Here’s a snapshot of Aspire Public Schools in 2017-18:

  • 40 schools across four regions in two states
    • 11 schools in the Bay Area (California)
    • 14 schools in the Central Valley (California)
    • 11 schools in Los Angeles (California)
    • 4 schools in Memphis (Tennessee)
  • 16,663 students, including 541 seniors
  • 2,504 teammates (staff) working to ensure every single Aspire student is ready for success in college, career, and life!

We hope everyone had a wonderful summer, and we’re ready to dive back into academics!