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We’d love to hear from you! Contact us with any ideas, questions, or concerns you have for us.

Please contact the school you are interested in directly.  View our locations to find our school pages.

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Phone / Fax / Email
Aspire Public Schools – Home Office
1001 22nd Avenue Oakland, CA 94606
Phone (510) 434-5000
Fax (510) 434-5010
Home Office Email: info@aspirepublicschools.org

Accessibility Inquiries
General inquiries: communications@aspirepublicschools.org

Media Inquiries
General inquiries: communications@aspirepublicschools.org

Recruiting and Job Inquiries
Natalie McBride, Director of Talent

Donation Inquiries
Bess Kennedy, Executive Director, Aspire Public Schools Foundation
(510) 434-5052

Los Angeles Regional Office
Jennifer Camiro

Bay Area Regional Office
Marlene Gutierrez

Central Valley Regional Office
Carol Jimenez