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Bringing Learning Home

To navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and its lasting effects, we are focused on response, recovery, and reinvention. In this first phase – response – we have launched distance learning at 40 schools in 4 regions, distributed 10,000 Chromebooks to scholars, partnered with local districts to provide free, daily meal distribution, created space for engagement and healing for our scholars and educators, and raised over $1 million for our Family Relief Fund. 

The Aspire community has come together in crisis with focus, resilience, compassion, and action. Over the past several months, our teammates, scholars, and supporters have made Distance Learning not only possible but meaningful and personal. 

It is with both gratitude and honesty that we say – we have made enormous strides, but the work is far from over. View the video below and photos from our social media to see more from our Aspire communities and their efforts at this time. 


Our Response to COVID-19