Special Education

Aspire’s Special Education program includes a range of services for students found eligible under the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

The Aspire College Ready model applies to all students in Aspire schools. Integrating that college focus with the Special Education program allows for the individual needs of each child to be addressed – enhancing each child’s strengths while addressing specific learning needs.

Aspire students are well positioned along a path of academic, socio-emotional, and behavior growth. Through pursuit of appropriate academic goals, students are encouraged to develop strong personal values and display traits such as resilience and love of learning.   

Success in school and life can be influenced greatly by emotional and social development including self-regulation, perseverance, relations with others, and decision-making.   Behavioral research emphasizes such skills as critical to adolescent growth and the attainment of College Readiness Skills.  We aspire for our students to experience significant development in these areas. A collaborative effort between College Guidance Counselors and Special Education Post-Secondary Transition Planning ensures students are prepared for appropriate choices for continued learning, career planning, and/or independent living.

Aspire prides itself on its highly-qualified special educators serving students with Mild/Moderate and Moderate/Severe disabilities across our 40 schools in California and Tennessee.  Aspire special educators are supported through a Teacher Residency Program in partnership with University of Pacific; Supervised Teacher or Professional Internships;  New Teacher Induction, Coach Support,  and ongoing professional growth opportunities. Support is also provided to schools and parents in a variety of areas, including professional development and training, consultation and parent participation in Community Advisory Council. 

Depending on location, Aspire schools are members of one of the following:

  • California El Dorado Statewide Charter SELPA
  • Los Angeles Unified School District SELPA
  • Tennessee Achievement School District


Aspire’s Special Education delivery will support all students in the Least Restrictive Environment through inclusive practices in collaboration with families, communities, and school site teams within the core program to address the unique needs of diverse learners.

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"I appreciate the individual focus on my child's progress. Everyone comes together to help ensure success."

- Aspire Parent