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Rhema Stradford Dai



Rhema Stradford Dai, M.S., Ed.M, and Doctoral Candidate
Principal, Aspire Capitol Heights Academy

A strong proponent of equity in education and educational choice; Rhema has over a decade of teaching and school leadership experience in NY, NJ, CA, and China.

Before joining Capital Heights Academy, Rhema’s work in multiple educational settings (private, charter, independent and international) for almost 13 years as an administrator and a teacher has been the primary way in which she’s chosen to serve her community and the world (having practiced in New York, New Jersey, and China). She has founded two schools in New York and New Jersey. Rhema has a BA in Political Science from Hofstra University, A Master of Science in Early Childhood from Bank Street Graduate School of Education, a Ed.M in Transformational Leadership from Bank Street Graduate School of Education, and is currently a Doctoral Candidate in the field of educational leadership, specializing in Leadership for Transformational Change. Her day-to-day practice is dedicated to cultivating relationships with students and partnering with faculty and parents to create an educational environment that inspires young people to be their best and most powerful selves.

Rhema is a committed educator, who believes her role is to help young people discover who they are and determine how they will use this understanding to contribute positively to the world. Great schools build on children’s unique gifts and provide the knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary for them to be active participants in their communities: active intellectually, active physically, active politically, active socially, active morally. As an educational leader, she wholeheartedly applies herself into cultivating the community in which this important work can occur, striking a delicate balance between honoring and preserving the school’s culture and its most essential traditions while, at the same time, inviting the community into conversation that will push its thinking in bold and innovative ways.

Rhema is passionate about the role that education plays in social justice and is deeply committed to ensuring that low-income communities have access to the resources and tools to advocate for their students and their futures. Rhema’s work includes supporting schools to further their diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.