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Ian Roberts

Chief Schools Officer


Ian Roberts is the Chief Schools Officer of Aspire Public Schools, where he leads the Aspire Superintendents Team and is responsible for the coaching and development of the Superintendents, Associate Superintendents, and Principals; and the organizational-wide implementation of the K-12 instructional program, ensuring equity, cohesion, and rigor across content.

Prior to this role, Ian served as the High School’s Network Superintendent with Saint Louis Public Schools, where he coached, supported, and evaluated high school and alternative schools principals, providing them with intensive coaching for effectiveness, excellence, and equity in student and teacher achievement outcomes, through a lens of continuous improvement and cultural responsiveness; rather than for compliance.  He encouraged the leaders with whom he worked to embrace leadership innovation and creatively as they worked to improve their school communities; an approach that couples quantitative and qualitative research, and his practitioner’s experience in innovative school improvement and turnaround.

Ian previously served as a school turnaround principal and principal-manager in what were once failing and persistently dangerous schools in Baltimore City, Washington, D.C., and the South Bronx, New York; where he and his team of teachers, staff, the community, and school leaders successfully turned around those schools as measured by student academic and behavioral achievement, college acceptances, teacher retention, and reduction in issues of equity and disproportionality.

Ian earned his B.S. in Criminal Justice from Coppin State University, M.S. in Secondary Education from St. John’s University, MS. In Executive Leadership from Georgetown University, and Ed.D in Urban Educational Leadership from Morgan State University.