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Welcome to the Memphis Region at Aspire Public Schools! Our region has 4 high-performing schools, serving over 1,500 students at 4 locations in the Raleigh, Orange Mound, and Hickory Hill neighborhoods of Memphis.  We are currently serving grades K-8, and we have an incredibly talented team of over 250 Memphis teammates.

Aspire Memphis Regional Office
3210 Raleigh Millington Road
Memphis, TN 38128
(901) 646-6529

Aspire Memphis Leadership Team

Superintendent’s Message

We are dedicated to serving our Memphis community by ensuring every child receives a high quality education in our schools. We are proud to now provide a rigorous Pre-K-8th grade program that prepares students to earn a college degree.  At Aspire Memphis, our students, parents, teachers and staff come together to ensure our students are successful. We are committed to building an “Ethos of Excellence”, by investing in our teachers through professional development, supporting exceptional school leaders and ensuring all of our students have experiences in and outside of school that support their learning. We are thrilled to partner with you to ensure every child receives an excellent education.

Allison Leslie,
Superintendent, Aspire Memphis Region

Memphis Region Key Dates

May 25, 2018
May 28, 2018


Memphis Students
Memphis Teammates
K - 8

Key Goals + Initiatives

  • Implement standards and curriculum with rigor and fidelity so that all students carry the cognitive load.
  • Urgently respond to student work and data to target instruction.
  • Practice and master content before teaching.
  • Recruit and develop teacher and leadership pipelines.
  • Build school culture that promotes social-emotional learning and positive student behavior.
  • Engage our families and community.

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Board Meeting Minutes