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Education Program

We could provide you with a list of every textbook we use, every assessment we give, and every standard we are teaching our students across the country. But here’s the headline that matters most:

Every choice we make – for curriculum and for culture – has to pass this litmus test: Will this help prepare students for success in college?

Nearly 100% of our graduating seniors have been accepted to 4-year colleges and universities. That represents the start of their college journey, and we know that those four years are a long road of rigor. We are responsible for infusing their K-12 education with as much preparatory rigor as possible so that they can thrive in the college setting.

We use a variety of best practices in reading, writing, math, science and social studies to help our students meet the standards. We have developed Instructional Guidelines to provide teachers with strategies for personalizing learning to meet students' need.  Teachers use a variety of data to make instructional decisions that benefit the students in their class.  All of these systems are in place to ensure our students are prepared to earn a college degree one day.

Aspire has also been innovative in our approach to educating our students.  One such innovation has been blended learning.  Blended learning builds on our strong core belief in small group personalized instruction.