Blended Learning

Go Blended!: A Handbook for Blending Technology in Schools

by Liz Arney

Go Blended!  Is authored by Aspire's own Liz Arney and is a practical implementation guide for educators interested in getting blended learning off the ground.
Go Blended! offers boots-on-the-ground support for laying the foundation for a blended learning program in our schools and classrooms.

Throughout the book teachers with blended learning experience share helpful tips and lesson plans to help educators make purposeful choices in using technology to fulfill students' needs without becoming an end in itself. This useful guide also offers key documents and timelines to support a blended learning implementation and provides step-by-step practical advice for avoiding mistakes.

In Go Blended! you'll learn how to:

  • Investigate leadership and staff readiness to "go blended."
  • Learn how to evaluate and purchase the right educational software.
  • Keep the program's goals in mind throughout the development process.
  • Teach lessons that set students up for success when using classroom technology.
  • Tailor the program to the students, not the other way around.

Aspire's impressive track record of high performance, along with a growing body of evidence from blended schools across the nation, testifies to the reality that incorporating technology into the classroom can improve student outcomes. But improved student outcomes will only occur when teachers and administrators intentionally tailor technology and curricula to meet their goals. With Go Blended!, you can be confident that you're focused on the ultimate goal of blended learning: increasing student achievement.

Author Liz Arney is a seasoned developer of blended learning programs at Aspire Public Schools, and she also closely collaborates with district and charter leaders from across the country on this work.

About the Author:

Liz Arney is the Director of Innovative Learning for Aspire Public Schools, where she oversees Aspire's blended learning pilots, full-school conversions and new blended school designs. As a member of Aspire's Education Team, Liz works closely with teachers, principals, IT, and data and analysis to create supportive structures and processes for increasing classroom technology offerings aligned with Aspire's instructional program and culture. Liz is also a founding member of the Community of Innovative Practice, a group of blended learning leaders in school districts and charter organizations who have led the transition to blended learning in some of the most innovative schools in the United States.