Aspire Teacher Residency

Year 1: Residency Year

Residents have the opportunity to work in three learning environments including:

  1. The opportunity to work alongside an Aspire Mentor Teacher, four days per week, preparing to gradually take over the classroom teaching, including the chance to co-plan and take responsbility for one lead teaching week with the Mentor is the classroom in the fall and two consecutive weeks in the spring.
  2. An all day seminar, one day per week, with their Regional Cohort, discussing the coursework theories and classroom practices at Aspire.
  3. Online courses in education theory through University of the Pacific during the summer and school year.

At the successful completion of Year 1, Residents receive their Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction and California Preliminary Teaching Credential from University of the Pacific.

Typical Week of Resident.png

Years 2-3: Induction Years

  • Residents work in their own classrooms at Aspire
  • Residents receive one-on-one support from an Instructional Coach
  • ATR-California Program: Residents complete Aspire's Teacher Induction Program and receive their CA Professional Clear Credential at the successful completion of year 3
  • ATR-Memphis Programs: Residents help Aspire open a new school in Memphis, TN and transfer their credential to Tennessee

Year 4: Final Year of Residency Program

  • Residents continue teaching in their own classrooms
  • Residents may pursue other career avenues within Aspire Public Schools (i.e. Lead Teacher, Mentor Teacher, Administrator)

"I love that the residents are given the opportunity to 'own' a classroom, not switching from class to class like many traditional teacher training programs. Our residents are the teachers - they are equally part of the class and they feel that the students are their students."

-Ben Feinberg, Mentor Teacher

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