Aspire Teacher Residency

Financial Overview:
2017-2018 Program

The Aspire Teacher Residency financial structure is intended to provide an affordable, high-quality pathway to teaching.  The core components to the Aspire Teacher Residency financial package are:

  • Residents pay the deeply discounted University of the Pacific (California Residents) and Relay Graduate School of Education (Memphis Residents) tuition for their first year.
  • Residents receive a stipend of $13,500, plus full medical benefits, for the first year of the program.
  • Financial aid is available through the University of the Pacific's/Relay Graduate School of Education Financial Aid Office in order to help cover other costs.
  • Loans acquired during undergraduate education can be deferred because Residents are enrolled in a Master's program.
  • Once hired as a full-time Aspire teacher in year 2, Residents receive $1,500 of tuition reimbursement for each year as a full-time Aspire team member. 

University of the Pacific Financial Aid Information

Relay Graduate School of Education Financial Aid

Aspire Teacher Residents - Tuition Support Options

Below are some links that may aid in scholarship searches

As educators,  ASPIRE student will have a loan forgiveness component tied into their student loans if they elected to borrow.