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Aspire Teacher Residency at Alder Graduate School of Education

Program Overview  

  • Residents spend four days a week in the classroom participating in hands-on teaching for the duration of a school year.

  • One day a week is spent with a regional cohort in seminars that bridge educational theory and research with the direct experience taking place in the classroom.

  • Additional discussion and reflection on theory and research take place via in-person course intensives and online course work.

  • Residents receive a Master’s Degree and Teaching Credential in either California or Tennessee.

    • California: Master of Arts with a concentration in Teaching or Special Education, and a Teaching Credential, both awarded by the University of the Pacific.

    • Tennessee: Master of Arts in Teaching and a Practitioner License, both awarded by Relay Graduate School of Education. Credential is awarded in year one, and the Master’s Degree is completed with some additional part-time coursework in year two.

Locations & Available credentials

Residents apprentice at one of our schools in California in the San Francisco Bay Area, Central Valley or Los Angeles; or in Tennessee in Memphis.

  • Multiple Subject (K-8)

  • Single Subject (6-12): English, Math, Science or Social Studies

  • Special Education Mild/Moderate (in California only)

Costs + Financials for California Residents

Program Costs


$24,000 (discounted from $47,600)

Books, tests, etc.

Approximately $2,000


Financial Support

Living Stipend $13,500
Medical Benefits Up to $5,000
Federal Financial Aid (Loans) Up to $5,000
Transportation, room + board to in-person sessions Approximately $1,500
Credential Test Preperation support $250 on average


Costs + Financials for Memphis Residents

Program Costs


$3,250 (After applying $5,815 AmeriCorps grant or other Relay scholarship)

Books, tests, etc.

Approximately $2,000


Financial Support

Living Stipend


Medical Benefits  

Up to $5,000  

Federal Financial Aid (Loans)

Up to $3,250

Additional Alder scholarships and/or housing stipend

Up to $9,250

Credential Test Preparation support

$250 on average


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