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 About the Aspire Principal & Leadership Residency 

Similar to the medical residency model, Aspire Principal and Leadership Residency (APLR) prepares future school leaders by giving Principal Residents the opportunity to get hands-on administrative experience under the guidance of a highly-effective Mentor Principal. APLR is a leadership program designed for deans, assistant principals, school site based instructional coaches and those school administrators already in their role or who will occupy one of these roles in the 2017-2018 school year. External candidates are encouraged to apply to this program as well as Aspire internal deans, assistant principals and other school administrators. External candidates who are hired will be placed in a dean, assistant principal or other school administrator for the following school year.

The APLR is a year-long program that offers Principal Residents:

  • The opportunity to work as a school leader at an Aspire school and learn from a highly-effective Mentor Principal
  • Supplemental classes, coaching and projects in administration
  • A competitive salary, plus full medical, dental and vision benefits
  • Priority hiring for a leadership position at an Aspire school for Residents who successfully complete the APLR program

APLR Locations:

Aspire is a national organization with schools in California and Tennessee.  Residency opportunities in the following locations:

  • California – Bay Area (Oakland, East Palo Alto)
  • California – Central Valley (Modesto, Sacramento, Stockton)
  • California – Los Angeles (Huntington Park, South Gate, South Los Angeles)
  • Tennessee – Memphis

Criteria to Apply:

1) The APLR Program looks for candidates who display the following competencies:

  • Instructional Knowledge:  Exhibits expertise in effective teaching, including curriculum standards, curriculum design and learning theory.
  • Data:  Uses data to increase student achievement.
  • Ownership:  Consistently holds self and others accountable for results, actions and decisions.
  • Collaboration:  Develops strong relationships with colleagues and works from a "one for all, all for one" premise in order to accomplish more together than what is possible alone.
  • Purposefulness:  Understands, embraces and consistently takes deliberate action to achieve Aspire's vision and mission. This includes long term goal setting, backwards mapping from the goal(s) and taking steps along the path toward the goal(s).
  • Customer Service:  Empathetically understands the needs and desires of the students and the families we serve.
  • Beliefs:  Believes all students can achieve at high levels.

2) Minimum educational level:

  • Bachelor's Degree required
  • Teaching Credential preferred
  • NCLB Highly Qualified preferred

3) Experience Required:

  • 5+ years working with urban students as a full-time K-12 teacher preferred


Aspire Principal Residency FAQs
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