A Sense of Community

Isn’t it nice to be known by name? Aspire believes in small schools to help create a community where each student is known personally.

  • Small Schools: To ensure teachers know each student and family well, Aspire elementary schools typically have no more than 360 grade K-5 students; secondary schools are targeted to serve between 300 to 700 grade 6-12 students.

  • Small Class Sizes: Students deserve enough focused teacher-time and individual attention, so Aspire maintains a 23:1 student-teacher ratio in kindergarten through third grade and a 30:1 ratio in grades four through twelve. Secondary students also spend part of each day in seminars with a student-teacher ratio of 30:1.

  • Advisory Groups: Beginning in the 6th grade, each student is assigned to an advisory group of 25 students that meets daily with an adult advisor. Many of the groups stay together through graduation which proves to be a great support structure. The advisor is an important bridge between the school and the students’ other community groups (from family to clubs to social services agencies).


More Time to Learn

It takes a lot of grit and time to learn anything worth learning. Aspire provides 15% more learning time than the average California public school. Moreover, each school uses time more effectively during the year and day to maximize in-depth learning.

  • Extra Hours: The average Aspire school day is seven-and-a-half hours for grades 1-12, and five hours for kindergarten—resulting in about one more hour of instruction per day than students in traditional California public schools.

  • Extra Days: We provide 190 days of instruction –  ten days more than traditional public schools. Some of these additional days are on Saturday, when parents can attend class with their children.

  • Shorter Breaks: When possible, Aspire schools use a modified traditional calendar with a shorter summer recess to decrease loss of learning associated with long vacations away from school.

School Communities

We are committed to small school communities in which each student is known and cared for.

Aspire provides 15% more learning time than the average California public school.

"I love that my school is a place where like-minded people come together to change the world."

- Aspire middle school teacher