Parent Involvement

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Families are the most important partner in education. Children learn best when their parents are engaged every step of the way, creating a bridge of learning from the classroom to the home.

Here are some examples of what Aspire does to help parents and guardians become great coaches for their children:

Special Saturday Classes: Scheduled at the beginning of the year, these half-day sessions allow parents to attend school with their children. We believe it’s important for them to see, feel, and experience the space that their children spend so much time in.

Guidance for At-home Support: Aspire coaches parents on how to structure reading at home (20+ min per day K-5), providing the right level of help with homework, participating in projects, and playing games that reinforce learning.

Participation in School Decision-making: Aspire includes two parent representatives on the Site Advisory Council of each school, as well as parent participation on the school’s Teacher Hiring Committee.

This is Aspire’s Guarantee to Parents:

At any Aspire campus, parents can expect:

  • A demonstrated improvement in their child’s academic performance;
  • An open invitation to attend their child’s classes;
  • Easy, open communication with their child’s teacher
  • The opportunity to rate the performance of teachers and the school annually; and
  • Eligibility to serve on the school’s governing body, the Advisory School Council.
  • We thank our families for everything they do to support learning in the Aspire community.
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"Thank you for providing the right education to our children and making college something that is achievable"

- Aspire Parent