About us

Students at Aspire inspire every single day.

From Kindergarten to 12th grade, they have grit. They have passion. They have curiosity. They want to succeed. They aren’t afraid to fail and get up again. They are tenacious. They are joyful. They respond to rigor. They are collaborative. They smile a lot. (It’s true!)

They are going places, and one of those places is College for Certain.

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To aspire: to strive toward a goal

Here at Aspire, we are all striving toward one goal: College for Certain.

Our classrooms are named after colleges. Our first graders can tell you where they want to go to college. Our high school students are so close they can taste it. Every one of our graduating seniors has been accepted to a four-year college.

We live and breathe college. Our work is never done. More and more students keep coming through our doors. For us, college will always be the goal.

But it’s not just about college. It’s about what college does for each of us – those of us working at Aspire who went through college five, ten, twenty, forty years ago, and every student at every desk in our schools. College means options, access, and opportunity. College means being able to pursue the life that you want – for yourself, for your family, for your community.

It’s not about what you do for a living... It’s about what you do with your life!

 Ask our students. There is so much they aspire to do:

I aspire to help people in need.

I aspire to help people see clearly.

I aspire to heal sickness for families.

I aspire to make people laugh.

I aspire to make words dance in people’s minds.

I aspire to tell truths no one else has told.

I aspire to make physics relatable to “non-science” people

I aspire to show students that for every book, there is a new world to walk into.

...What do you Aspire to do?