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Developing our Leaders: Instructional Rounds

Aspire Public Schools | College for Certain Newsletter October 2016

Oct. 31, 2016

By Kat Mathers, Associate Superintendent of Instruction, Central Valley

Instructional Rounds offer one example of how we grow and develop our leaders. Dduring instructional rounds, which are designed after the medical school model, a group of Aspire educators come together to visit classrooms, observe the instructional core, and action plan around how to further advance our AspireForward goal of closing the academic achievement gap. This year, Aspire principals will participate in multiple cycles of instructional rounds with at least one in the fall, and one mid-year.

This practice advances our AspireForward goals for two reasons: first the inclusion of other principals, regional coaching teams, special education teammates, and other members of the school community in instructional rounds  brings depth and richness to our conversations, builds a shared understanding of effective instructional practices, and spurs cross-school collaboration and increased a sense of shared ownership for all of our scholars. Second, instructional rounds deepen our support of scholars throughout their Aspire experience, from TK-12th grade.  The rigorous feedback and collaboration fostered by instructional rounds encourage  vertical discussions about college readiness from the moment a student starts at Aspire. 

With the completion of fall instructional rounds, principals and their leadership teams  turn to supporting the AspireForward goal of closing the academic achievement gap through honing skills as instructional leaders. We are eager to seeing the progress on our campuses during our next instructional rounds starting after winter break. We know this intense collaboration and rigor allows us to better prepare our students for college, career, and life!

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