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Exceptional Oakland Student Earns PG&E Scholarship, a ‘Life Changing Investment’

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CAL Prep shows higher expectations lead to greater success for minority students

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Aspire Lionel Wilson College Preparatory Academy Ranks Number One in Oakland

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Achieving College Dreams | How a University-Charter District Partnership Created an Early College High School

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April 14th is the release date for Achieving College Dreams: How a University-Charter District Partnership Created an Early College High School. This edited book by Rhona S. Weinstein and Frank C. Worrell describes the longstanding collaborative effort between Aspire Public Schools and UC Berkeley to develop and nurture Aspire California College Preparatory Academy. Framed by findings from collaborative research and reflecting a diversity of voices, the book charts the journey from the initial decision to open a school to the high school graduation of its first two classes. It also features chapters by four Aspire teachers, two principals, and two superintendents.

Silver Creek Industries Wins 2016 MBI of Distinction

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