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Beyond Satisfactory: Redefining Teacher Support

Download the PDFEducation-Trust West Report

The Education Trust—West releases initial findings from a two-year study examining innovative teacher evaluation systems in a new report titled, Beyond Satisfactory: Redefining Teacher Support and Evaluation to Improve Teaching and Learning. The report reveals that teachers and administrators generally experience the evaluation process as an objective and constructive opportunity to reflect on and improve their instruction in order to best serve all students. The report also highlights promising practices, and it offers recommendations for improving teacher evaluation and support in California.

Aspire Celebrates 15th Anniversary

Download the PDFAspire Press Release

Aspire Public Schools will celebrate the organization’s 15th anniversary this month.

College grads earn $800,000 more than those with only a high school diploma, study finds

Download the PDFUSA Today College

An article looking at the impact gaining a 4 year college degree can have on one's earning potential.

Oakland Teacher Receives Fishman Prize

Download the PDFOakland Tribune

Aspire ERES 4th grade teacher Laura Strait was one of four winners for the 2014 Fishman Prize for superlative classroom practice.

Blended Learning Revolution

Download the PDFThe Christian Science Monitor

A Win for Los Angeles Kids

Download the PDFThe Wall Street Journal

Opinion piece regarding Los Angeles County Office of Education's unanimous approval of two Aspire charters.

The War on Charter Schools

Download the PDFNational Review Online

A comparison of the denial of the Aspire charter renewals in L.A., to Mayor de Blasio’s actions in New York.

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